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Module, sensors and cables Application on tablet or smartphone



VinGauge displays important data to you and your vehicle and provides data tracking for easy monitoring.


Valorize your investment thanks to VinGauge.


Perfect integration in the dashboard, thanks to the provided or custom made graphical themes.


Easy to install in oldtimers, leisure vehicles etc. The acquisition module, the sensors and the mounting hardware are provided.


Install extra sensors to your needs.

Valorise your investment.
Monitor the condition of your your engine, batteries etc.
Retrieve and inspect the tracked data from the last trip or from the last season!

Chose or customize your style from standard or custom graphical themes.

Use your tablet or smartphone. On multiple vehicles.
Along with VinGauge, enjoy the already available applications on your tablet: GPS, maps, music, games etc.

Technical specifications

Automotive-grade acquisition module and sensors.


The sensors connect to the acquisition module.


Wireless transmission to the tablet, in real time.

Quasi invisible, non intrusive installation, respectful to your vehicle.


It is not required to drill holes, to weld etc.


The provided installation hardware fits to your car and is ready to be installed by qualified technician.


The VinGauge app installs on every recent Android tablet and smartphone.
Wireless update of the app and acquisition module.


Automatic data transmission when an internet connection is available. Tracked data can be retrieved and inspected, for easy engine condition monitoring.


Charge of the tablet via USB charger.


Compatible with 6V et 12V vehicles.


Designed and made in Europe.


Large range of measurement available: pressure, temperature, rotation, speed, voltage, charge/discharge current, inputs/outputs etc.


Custom made sensors adapters, in all sizes and threads (metric, imperial).


Creation of custom sensors is possible, on request.


High quality material: connectors, cables and sleeving, sensors (bronze, stainless etc.).


Customizable graphical themes.


Creation of custom graphical theme is possible, on request.


Switching between looks is supported in real time (gauges look and screen layout).


Numerous features supported and in development: data logging and storage, alert notifications, engine maintenance mode etc.


Check out our support page for installation manuals and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!


Mini MK1, rallye style


356 Porsche


356 Speedster, Nostalgia Cars


Split Bus, Nostalgia Cars


1969 MGB


Standard Oval, Nostalgia Cars


OldSpeed Ragtop Split, Nostalgia Cars

Our story


We love to restore and drive our vintage cars. However a nice ride on a sunny Sunday could turn into a troubleshooting session on the side of the road.


Who has never experienced that? Well we did a few times… From there came the idea of the VinGauge car monitoring system.


The first try was a quick attempt to watch the engine oil temperature. The prototype improved with the UI on a tablet.


Later a professional electronic board and enclosure have been developped in order to provide a reliable, durable automotive compliant system.


The VinGauge product is constantly evolving. Numerous features are in development. Thanks to the wireless update feature it will be available to you soon!


Enjoy the ride and valorize your investment with VinGauge!


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